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  • Class of 1967

    HP Series 80 Computers, Accessories, Peripherals and Software

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    The Eric Bal Library

    This private library contains approximately 12,000 non-fiction books. At this point in time data records on 2,753 of these books have been entered in the database which you may here access.

    To find a book record which contains your keyword simply type in your keyword or keyphrase and click on the "Retrieve Book List" button. A typical keyword would be an author's last name or full name or a topical phrase or word or root of a word that would be in the title to the book you are searching for.

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    Bal Genealogy Database
    Entry Options are at generation level of grandchildren of Emile Bal and Amy Ballard Davis ...
  • Timothy Bal's published letters to the editor of THE NEW YORK TIMES
  • Bal Message Board
  • pencil sketch by Abram Ballard Davis [courtesy of Eileen Olsen]
  • Can you name these Bal cousins?
  • Who are the three card players? Who is the spectator?
  • Can you name these five Bal brothers? And the girl being grappled? And the three young kids?
  • December 27, 2006, photo 1
  • December 27, 2006, photo 2